Team work makes the dream work!

Sarah is proud to be one of Equipe Selleria’s sponsored riders. The switch to Equipe saddles was a turning point in her horses performance ability. Now Equipe is the only saddle that will come between her and her horses!


What is the Equipe difference?

Equipe uses a unique fitting process to match saddle trees to the shape of your horse’s back. When the specific shape of the back is mirrored by the tree shape the saddle can sit securely in the correct place and you see better overall comfort and performance. Often a dramatic difference! Selleria Equipe hand makes all saddles with the highest quality Italian leather and special memory foam panels to replace traditional wool flocking, diminishing the need for expensive and time consuming regular flocking maintenance. These panels guarantee a healthier back because of softness, consistency, and non deformability. Equipe saddles also have a one of a kind tree point system that allows rider weight to sit right at the most correct part of the horse, behind the withers, and creates a very close contact feel. This provides an absolute perfect balance for horse and rider.

If you are interested in trying Equipe check out these easy links to get started.

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