“Classical training and success on the highest level are not mutually exclusive.” – Klaus Balkenhol

Sarah’s approach can best be described as horse-friendly and rider-friendly. While Sarah has a thorough understanding of the German system she combines that with a modern, wholistic, and compassionate training style.

She believes there is a way to train and to compete that does not have to compromise the horse (or riders) mental and physical health.

Sarah knows that a systematic and methodical approach to training is paramount. However, her horses are treated as individuals and are allowed to develop at a pace that keeps the joy in their work. This is evident in the relaxed, yet expressive way, all of her horses perform. True harmony can be achieved only when horse and rider have fully understood what is expected of them at each stage of training. It is Sarah’s goal to help facilitate this understanding and harmony in all of her clients.




Horses in training with Sarah are encouraged to be horses. They have daily turnout, they enjoy variety in their training including caveletti work, riding out, jumping and natural horsemanship work. The horses physical and mental well-being are paramount to her successful program.







Sarah also believes strongly in sharing her knowledge and passion for dressage. It is a journey, that once fully engaged, can enhance your life in ways never imagined. Sarah embraces this journey with every student. She is committed to promoting high levels of horsemanship for students at all levels.




“If the art were not so difficult we would have plenty of good riders and excellently ridden horses, but as it is the art requires, in addition to everything else, character traits that are not combined in everyone: inexhaustible patience, firm perseverance under stress, courage combined with quiet alertness. If the seed is present only a true, deep love for the horse can develop these character traits to the height that alone will lead to the goal.” ~Steinbrecht