What People Say


“I was fortunate to have found Sarah Dodge very early in my dressage training – she is now the standard to which I judge all others – even the Olympians I have had the fortune of riding with since. A truly gifted horsewoman! ” ~Chelsea P.”

“I had the privilege to work with Sarah for two and a half years after moving to Colorado. She has had a tremendous influence on my riding and has made me a significantly better rider after a close to 30 year riding career. She is able to build harmonious rider/horse relationships while advancing the training. Sarah works diligently with any level rider and horse! When I acquired my FEI level partner, she guided us from the getting to know each other, through the “making him my own” horse phases, to the advancement in his and my training.

Sarah is a lovely rider and knowledgeable trainer. She has a wide range of experience and uses the whole horse approach in her coaching. She has great talent, knowing how much the horse and rider can manage at any point to challenge them, but not to discourage either one and to keep the dressage journey enjoyable. She has tremendous compassion for the horse, and will never overface it, which creates such harmonious partnerships.

Sarah was well loved by her students and horses here in Colorado! We are happy for her to have fulfilled her dream of owning a farm and she will be able to make a great difference for the riders and horses she’ll be working with in SC.” ~Ruth S.~

“One glance at Sarah’s resume will tell you that she is educated, experienced and talented in her craft. Her quiet confidence, grace and harmony with horses is evident upon first seeing Sarah ride or interact with a horse from the ground. But, even better is her ability to teach this knowledge and experience that she possesses. She has a modesty and ease about her that makes everyone feel comfortable, regardless of their experience level. Sarah, as a trainer and coach, has the ability to bring out the best in her students. She is direct, precise and steady. She is encouraging and sympathetic, yet will push for more and better, methodically laying the groundwork and building them up to succeed.” ~Melita F.~

Rufus_WM_BiancaMcCartyPhotography-7084“Sarah is one of the most professional equestrians in the industry. Pure class. Dedicated. Humble. Talented and caring. She puts the horse’s welfare above all else.” ~Michelle L.~

“Sarah is both an amazing woman and a very talented Grand Prix rider. Before meeting her I felt lost as to which direction I wanted to take my Friesian Sporthorse, at the time I felt like Dressage wasn’t very inspiring. Then I met Sarah at a clinic with Conrad Schumacher and everything changed. Because of Sarah, I immediately moved my horse to the facility she was teaching at. I loved taking lessons with Sarah because she was honest and encouraging as an instructor; as a rider she was soft and had intuitive feel- my horse flourished under her tutelage. Any rider would be incredibly lucky to have her as their instructor.” ~Candace H.~

“Sarah is by far the most amazing coach I have ever been with. Her vast knowledge for classical dressage and her love for horses is inspiring. Learning from Sarah is an absolute pleasure. Not only is she a talented, compassionate rider, but her ability to translate her feel for horses to her teaching is superb, and in my opinion, unmatched by many professionals. I learn something from her everyday and I owe so much of my success in my riding to her expertise. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a well rounded education in not only Dressage, but also caring for these amazing equine athletes that we dedicate our lives to! Thanks for all that you do Sarah, Q and I love you and love working with you.” ~McKinley H.~

IMG_0424“I have known Sarah Dodge since she was a teenager and have always admired her abilities and positive attitude toward her riding and her horses. In the past several years I have had the opportunity to ride four very different horses with her as my trainer. Each of these horses presented challenges in a variety of ways but she was always able to find the “key” that allowed me to improve my skills and the performance of the horses. Sarah has been fortunate in having the opportunity of working and studying with some of the best riders/trainers in Europe and the U. S. From this and her subsequent experience training and teaching she has acquired a vast store of solutions for the ” little fixes” that are needed to keep the horse and rider on a positive and productive path. Sarah’s abilities as an instructor are equaled by her talent as a rider. I have had the chance to observe her as she trains very different types of horses. She always rides with tact and sensitivity and an innate sense of what each horse needs at a particular moment to enhance it’s progress.” ~Terri L.~

“Sarah is a rare find in that she is a teacher as well as a rider. Sarah is always patient with you and your horse. Sarah has brought my horse along from PSG to schooling GP. She has done this with the respect of my personal goal of training my horse myself. However, if I’m unable ride, I have no worries when Sarah is in charge of my horses care. Under Sarah’s direction, my dressage tests went up 5 to 10 percentage points. I highly recommend Sarah if you desire a fair and classical approach to your training goals, while feeling and seeing amazing results.” ~Jennifer K.~